Sunday, February 3, 2013

Timeline Update

12/22 - started first round of clomid 25 mlg
1/14- utures biopsy to see if im ovulating, this one didn't hurt like the first one.
1/18- period late bfn
1/22- bfn
1/23- found out I didnt ovulate, left work to get a progesterone shot, felt like shit for 4 days
2/1- start period HEAVY
2/2&3- starting to wonder if im bleeding to death. I know I'm not but sure feels like it
2/3- started second round of clomid 50 mlg

Hoping this round works. My new job is going great. 


  1. Hope so!!! Are they going to give you something to force ovulation?

    1. If this dont work I think they will give me something else. I hope this works. if I had to start taking shots I would power through it but not look forward to it. I still have a bruise from that progesterone shot.

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