Sunday, January 20, 2013


You know if you are trying to have a baby you gotta have sex. Guess what I'm not fucking having? Have u guessed it yet? YUP THAT'S RIGHT I'M NOT GETTING ANY AND I THINK I'M GONNA KILL MY HUSBAND........I mean come on I work just as hard as u do and I'm tired and I still want it. I mean i just spent my whole fucking weekend helping ur family move crap. I don't mind helping but i do mind the I'm not hungry so u don't need to cook. 15 mins later well I'm kinda hungry now. So i said I'm making me soup OK i will eat a little of that. Then when he looks at it he says oh u made that kinda. Its OK i guess. Really r u fucking for real? Did u really just say that? I could of dumped the soup on his head. I got nothing done at our house. Its 9:30pm and I just started my laundry so I have clean clothes to work in tomorrow. As he lays here next to me I keep thinking about rolling his ass out of the bed to the floor. I think it would help the anger that I am holding in. This is just a bitch post. If I don't put it somewhere I will end up causing a fight. I don't know where all my anger has came from but I really just want to punch something.

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  1. Venting. It's good stuff. Hang in there girl. Don't strangle him yet. :)