Monday, April 2, 2012


The past 2 months have been crazy. I have been put on Zoloft. I thought that I was going to snap any min on someone at work. I am not gonna go into my shitty job. It will just make me mad.On April 12th I take my 6th and final shot. :) I have been waiting for this day to get here for 6 months. Once I have been given the 6th shot I will go back in 4 weeks. I will then be put on BC for a couple of weeks to bring my estrogen back. They will be giving me my pap and a vaginal ultrasound. I hope everything looks good. We should really be able to try to star our family in 8 weeks. I am so ready to start my family.

With my brothers wife due in May I have baby fever bad. I have gone crazy shopping. I have had to ban myself from the baby sections. Its so hard. I had been saving money to buy a bigger purchase for them. I put back $100. I know that is not all that much but that was part of my bonus that I didn't put into bills. So with that money and a little extra I bought the highchair we found at babies r us.

My family is in need of prayer or just good thoughts. My sister in-law on my hubby's side was diagnosed with breast cancer this past week. She is only 25. There little boy just turned 1 in Jan. This is scares me to death. They go to the doctor tomorrow for discuss everything. As of right now the are just planning on taking the lump out. When she was a senior she was in a bad car wreck that almost killed her and broke her neck. While she was expecting we all worried about all the stress on her spine. I ask that you say a little prayer or send out a good thought to help her and the family through this.



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