Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Half way done.....And alittle more

Last Thursday I got my 3rd shot. I am at the half way mark. I have circled every shot for every month and am counting down. Before I got my shot they had to take blood. 3 pokes later they finally got blood. So in all I was pricked 4 times by the time that I had left. I know that this is nothing compared to some people. I don't mind getting a shot I just hate getting poked more than once for blood. Last Thursday was a busy day. All in the same day I got my 3rd shot, it was my older brothers 30th birthday, and we also found out that he is having a little girl.

So last week after we found out the baby I was super excited. Later that evening my sister in-law texed me asking me if I liked the name Josie. I love the name Josie as it was a name that I wanted to use. I told her I love it. Now i am pretty sure that is the name that they are gonna name her. I couldn't tell her that it was one of my names. My mother in law told me I should have told her. But then I look at it as but I'm not having a baby right now. Nor do I know if we will have a little girl. Can I really say that is a name I wanted to use so you cant use it. I am taking it as a sign I will fall in with another name. That name was not meant for my future child.

Monday and Tuesday have really tough. Monday my head was pounding and people at work really knew how to piss me off. This lasted all day. Tuesday started out better but ended with me being pissed at the world. My emotions are all over the place. It has been really had to control them. My hubby is out of town. He will be home Friday evening. He will be gone Monday - Friday for almost 2 months. At least he will be home on the weekends. So along with my emotions I am not sleeping. I get random text and phone calls from friends and family checking up on me. It means the world to me.

Thanks for listing to me babble. This seems to be helping.


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