Friday, May 18, 2012


I am HAPPY to say that I am done with my shots. I went for a check up last week. I was in no pain and everything felt tight. To me a doctor saying that when he is in somewhere only my hubby goes was weird. I was put on BC to give me my hormones back. The BC is chewable. Who knew they made chewable BC. My friends all thought I was joking with them. so in about 2 week i hope to have my first cycle in 6 months. I go back in July for my well woman check up. By the end of July we should be able to start trying for a baby.

Cross your fingers that the doc appt go well. Also looks like we might have a buyer on our house. This will be a blessing for us. So we will be able to build our dream house on the land that my papa and grandma gave to me.

I will try to write more soon. 


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