Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Surgery

I chose to have surgery on October 28th. I had to drink this nasty stuff the night before. It was so nasty. i only drank half of it. Needless to say it didn't do what it was supposed to do.  The morning of the surgery we get up and and drove the 30 mins to town. It seemed like the longest ride of my life. The waiting area was really nice. There was an indoor pond area. One of my best friends showed up and waited until i went back to get ready. My mom showed up and came and sat with me and my hubby in my little room. My friend was still I'm the main waiting room. I felt bad that she was by herself. Then she showed up in my room to wish me luck. The nurses were all really nice. My doctor stopped by before surgery and went over everything. I kept waiting for them to bring a bed for me to get in. That never happened. The nurse came and got me and i walked to the surgery room and climbed on the table.That felt so weird to me.
When I woke up i was sick. There was a nurse right there that didn't leave my side unless  needed something. She was AWESOME! Once I remembered to keep breathing and the room stopped turning they moved my to recovery where my hubby and mom could be. I was in that recovery for about 30 mins then I was released. When I got in the car is when I seen that there was my brother, new sister in law, and my mother in law. It was nice to have the support. We stopped on our way home to her something to eat because I was starving. I never noticed how bumpy the roads are till that day. I had the weekend to recover until I went back to work on Monday.

I went back to my doctor in 2 weeks for my check up. We decided the best thing for me to do is start LUPRON DEPOT.  This will help control the endometriosis. I took my first shot on 11/23/11. This shot it going to give me the side affects of menopause. That just sounds great right. NOT. Now i feel like what my mom is going through.

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