Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Started

I am starting this blog in hopes that it will help how i am feeling. I might not spell things correct or use the correct punctuation. :-)

I have been married for 4 great years. Once we got married we stopped using any kind of birth control. Here we are 4 years later and no kids. I asked my husband for a year to go get a semen analysis. Finally after talking to one of our friends we found out that you could to it at home then take it to the lab. I talked to my OBGYN and she gave me the name of a place to go to. So i knew i was going to be off on a Thursday that way i would be able to drive it the 30mins into town. After going to the wrong building i ran across the street to the right one. They looked at me like i was crazy when I told them what I was dropping off. Once I left the lab I had a good feeling....... 4 days later the phone call that about made me cry. They said that the semen count was low and had a high number of abnormalities. I know that it wasn't the end of the world but it was another speed bump. They told me to see a  Infertility Doc. I made the phone call to a doctor a friend of ours used. He couldn't see us for till 10-31-11. Here it is almost the end of September and I haft to wait.That is something I don't like to do. The last Week of September the doctor calls me saying they can fit us in on Friday. So both of us clear it with our work to be off. Friday comes and i am excited and nervous. We are just meeting the doctor to talk about my hubby's semen analysis right?

The Doctors Visit 

The doctor looks at his test results and starts laughing. I am like OMG it is really bad then. NO it is not bad. He is laughing because the place they sent us to do the semen test is set up to make sure his surgery worked for him being fixed. So he says that we want to retest. All i could think was her is another $160. So I thought that the visit would be over. Wrong again he starts talking to me. Then next thing i know i am in an exam. By the time we left there we had found out that I had about 30 cyst on one of my ovaries and endometriosis and 2 dates for surgery.  Now I'm scared.


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