Thursday, May 16, 2013

6 Days & Counting

May 22 I go in for a suppression ultrasound. Im ready to get this party started. If all goes to plan I will start shots the next day. We have the money sitting in our savings from an anonymous doner the hubs grandma. :-) she is a sweet lady. Told us it was for a good cause and the family needed more little ones running around. She also told us if we needed to do it 2 or 3 times she was there to help. Why hubs was telling me this I was standing in the kitchen trying not ro cry. Cause I know we only get 2 trys.

Adoption is an option. With me and hubs both being Cherokee Indian we can adopt through ICW. This week I am starting my research on the adoption side. I have done alittle but not much. I know a couole of people that have adopted through them. So they have been helpful. But they all adoped 6+ years ago.

Please wish us luck as we start this journey.

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