Monday, March 24, 2014

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We are in the system as a home open for adoption. With the option to do a foster to adopt with a low rated case. Things are looking up. Feeling joy in my heart is something I have missed. In case you didn't know. When doing a home study pretty much everything you say goes in it. So you have been warned. Ours is pretty funny.

I have ordered baby presents for my beautiful cousin expecting twins. It should arrive this week. So this means I will get to go to Kansas. Happy dance Cabelas is just down from them. So it's a win win.

We are dog sitting this week for my brother and sis inlaw. So last night we had 3 yorkies (my dogs) 1 wiener dog and a 50+ pound black lab. The lab was ours. But we gave her to them for our nephew. In my king size bed. The lab thought she should lay on my hip when she was in bed. It was a long night.

On April 6 I will be at Texas Motor Speedway for some NASCAR. I will take lots of pics.


The fish are starting to bite.


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