Monday, September 23, 2013


ADOPTION .......

I spent alot of time last week looking into adoption. Me and my hubby are both Cherokee. So they have lots of assistance with adoption fees. The baby Veronica case scares me some. But I will not talk about that now. But knowing that we do have indian blood helps us TREMENDOUSLY. One if my best friends mom is adopted and I would of never known if she wouldnt of told me. 2 girls I plat bunco with have adopted through the cherokee nation. One adopted a boy and girl as babies. The other adopted her niece as a baby. The ladies girls are best friends.  So they have helped alittle with what information they can remember. So we plan to sit down and talk tonight. Yesterday was just weird. Like awkward sex weird. Neither one of us knew what to say. Jake was pissed. So I just kept cleaning and playing with my doggies. Late last night he did ask me now what? All I could say was I have no clue. Maybe once I talk to my nurse today it will help with what direction we go. As of right now IVF is a no go for us.

Wish us luck on the next journey we decide to take.

Oh I did ask if I could get a sports car...

I will leave u with a 3 pics of my 4 legged babies.

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