Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Credit Card Credit Card Where R U

Yesterday's post about being broken weighs on my heart. Growing up I dreamed of having my own family. I have always been told I would make a great mother one day. So why is having my own family so far out of reach? Why is this one supposedly simple thing in life so hard for me? I have prayed and prayed. I believe God has a plan. But mentally, emotionally, physically I can not handle this round in 3 weeks not working. It will break me and my faith. I drag myself out of bed every morning to work only so I can try and have the money for the next round. I know in 3 weeks I will not have the money. Something else came up so what I did have will be used for that. I called my mom yesterday and before I knew it I was crying so hard I couldn't breath while I was driving. My mom is going to let me use her credit card. Told me not to worry about it. See we don't have a major credit card. I have one to best buy and 2 clothing stores.  All were paid off until I needed some jeans. But it will be paid in a month. I have low limits I am okay with that. This way I cant buy much. The one major one we jad one time I never activated it. Didn't want Jake to figure out how to use it on ebay hehe.But yesterday I got a discover thing in the mail. I'm debating getting it. I know my credit is not low nor high I'm right in upper middle. But it scares me to get it then know its going to take me forever to pay it off. I do my best to live life as I don't have the money I don't need it.  Even though sometimes I'm like I can take out out of savings. But my savings are about to go bye bye. 

So question of the week credit card or no credit card?

Being an adult sucks right now!

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