Monday, December 17, 2012

FuNkY cYcLe

At 13 days late for my cycle 3 test later with a BFN. A call to the doctors office led to a shot to start my period. That is just what I wanted. NOT! I wanted the test to say yes but of course it said no. So now 19 days late and a shot later I still have not had my period. They said that it could of started the next day or 14 days from then. So tomorrow is a week and still no period. booo :( 

The past week has been a rough. My hubby's grandpa has been in the hospital for over a week. He has Alzheimer's and is not doing good. He can't walk and he is slipping alittle more each day. My hubby just got home from seeing him. His grandpa thinks that he has re enlisted in the Army. He says that if he would of known that it would of been this bad he wouldn't of done it. Somethings he says are crazy and other things are just normal like he is not sick. My heart breaks for everything that my in-laws are going through. I made dinner for his grandma on Saturday and we had a Family dinner with the 3 of us. I think that was the fist normal thing that she has done in over a week.

I ask for a quick prayer that the family has the strength in the decisions that are to come.


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