Sunday, January 15, 2012


My new year started off bad. I have been sick for  2 weeks. Missed work for a week went back the next week still sick but I had no choice. My boss went out because she had her baby. The other lady that does what I do is stepping in as a temp boss to help. I felt so bad missing work because it was month end. I have been in the process of training a new girl my job but she is not at all ready. My job is one of the he hardest jobs if not the hardest job in my office. I work at a Hard Rock Casino Tulsa in the accounting branch as an auditor. This past week part of our system failed and I had to had type over 1800 machines and money into our system. That was just for one day. Enough about work just thinking about it makes me tired.

I got my second shot of  Lupron Depot on 12/22/11. I lost 3 pounds. Whoot Whoot :-)  I was telling the doc about my bad hot flashes. She was pretty sure then that my estrogen had dropped according to plan. I was excited because I was instructed to us some kind of protection between my first and second shot. They told me that some couples had become pregnant between shots and they had great out comes with it. I was just kinda mad because to me I should of been instructed to use protection before I started the shots so there wouldn't of been a chance. I know that I took a test before my first shot but then u just know about these things. Well the nurse took my blood before she gave me the second shot. This way they can check my levels. She told me that she would call me on Tuesday and let me know the results. But with all my symptoms she was sure my estrogen levels were way down. Being that this was right before Christmas my best friend was off and came with me. After the doc apps to celebrate me loosing 3 pounds we went and at PF Changs. After a great lunch the shopping began. The stores were crazy but we had a blast. After 9 hours filled with Doctors,food, and shopping we were home.

Christmas came and went. I worked the day after Christmas. It was a long day but I decided that as soon as my 8 hours were up I was getting the hell out of that place. Then Tuesday came along with a call from my doctors nurse. Come to find out my estrogen was still pretty high. She advised me and my husband to continue using protection. All I could think is that humm great I just came off of a 4 day holiday weekend. The nurse told me that I may spot that it is not big deal. I asked what I don't she said that would be fine to. I was filled with rage. Because no knowing what is going on with my body make me mad. Being married for 4 years and wanting a baby as soon as I would miss a period or have a late one the first thing that ran though my mind was this might be it.

The count down has begun for the shots. April Cant get here soon enough.I hope by the end of this year that we will be starting to prepare to bring home a baby or babies.

I will be trying to update my blog more often. I'm still trying to figure out how to work it.


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